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Cafe Praego 

I challenge anyone to find a coffee company with a more amazing history than Caffé Praego, and with it being our best-selling coffee here at Cymraeg Vending, we thought it only fitting that we tell you about why we love Caffé Praego and the fantastic charity they support.

arabica blend..

Caffe Praego's Non - Profit Work

Back in 2012, Caffé Praego began to source their coffee beans from Northern Rwanda. The right mixture of sunshine and rain, mixed with the rich volcanic soil in the mountains around Lake Kivu is perfect for coffee plantations, and this is reflected in the taste. The team at Caffé Praego developed a special relationship with the farmers over the years, which then led to something incredible.

The Point Foundation is a voluntary UK non-profit organisation which was initially set up in 2006 to support children orphaned in the worst genocide of recent times.

Part of their ongoing work involves paying the annual salaries of 3 sign teachers. Sign language is taught to every single child so everyone, hearing or not hearing, can communicate with each other. The Point Foundation also sponsor some of the children throughout their education and support them through their farming training. The children have also been supported during the global Covid-19 crisis, while the schools were closed, the Point Foundation supplied the families of vulnerable children with food and hygiene packs.

Caffé Praego’s support for the Point Foundation is incredible. Through donating a percentage of each sale, they have helped to raise over £140,000. This has gone towards purchasing 1,000 books, funding teachers wages and helping disabled children graduate.

Team Praego’s passion for their own products matches their passion for the Point Foundation which includes regular visits to the plantations in Rwanda to check on the quality of the beans.

The blend..

The beans turn a rich red colour when they are ready to be harvested. Once the Arabica beans have been picked, they go onto Ingoboka washing station on the shore of Lake Kivu where they are sorted by hand, pulped, fermented and graded. They are then dried in the sun on raised screens before finally being taken for milling. Caffé Praego beans are roasted in the UK, before being packaged ready to be sold.

The end result is a strong rich coffee that all can enjoy which is not only delicious, but has been sourced from local Co-Operative sites helping local workers and communities.

Why We Love Praego's Coffee

At Cymraeg Vending, we love Parego’s coffee not only because of the strong rich taste, Arabica beans and the rich red colours, but in part of the amazing work that they have given to their non-profit organisation which has helped a number of people throughout the pandemic. We are in awe over the taste and popularity of the Lake Kivu blend which has become our top selling Coffee. Every purchase of this exquisite blend will not only give you a stunning rich taste of our favourite coffee, but you will also help the non-profit organisation in continuing to help more communities in Northern Rwanda.

Looking for more information or to purchase this exquisite blend?

Call us - 01446 744475 during office hours and for all other times email

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