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Our Vending Options


With a range of Vending options and services available we've made it easy to find what's best for your business 


Hot Drinks Vending

Choose from a range of hot drinks machines including Table top, Free Standing, Group Espresso and so many more! We have it all to offer from a range of our suppliers including Coffetek, Evoca, CraneMS & more - there really is something for everyone.

Site Specific


Healthy Vending 

With health and nutrition becoming more important to us in recent years, we can help you stay healthy at school and in the work place.  We can supply healthy drinks machines through to snacks and healthy food vending machines. Fully compliant with all local government legislation and guidance. 

We can also accommodate site specific details like Nut Free Sites plus Gluten free and vegan options for products for sale in your machines.

Site Specific

Coffee beans or instant? Granulated or fresh milk? Soup option or decaff? We have a wide range of customisable options to suit a wide range of tastes & favourites.


Snack & Sweet Vending

Cymraeg Vending also supply sweet, confectionary and a wide selections of snack vending machines.  Including Walkers, Cadbury, Mars, Twix, Skittles, Flapjacks, Cookies & many more.

Site Specific

Have issues with space or looking for high capacity machines for busy locations? No problem – we have machines that are able to fit through a standard door as well as high capacity machines for up to 56 selections of your favourite snacks.


Cold Drinks Vending

Our Cold Refreshment Machines are perfect for any business regardless of your size or budget. Including all your favourite brands such as Coca Cola, Pepsi, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta, Lucozade, Irn Bru, Yazoo, Mountain Dew, Vit Hit & many more! 

Site Specific

Our machines also come in a range of sizes - perfect for any location or setting. With sizes varying from 30-45 selections


Water coolers

Looking to fill up a water bottle or grab a quick, refreshing drink? Our water coolers are perfect for a range of settings including offices, gyms & schools.



Rather have quick access water on a worktop in your staff’s kitchen? – We supply water machines in both tabletop and freestanding configurations as well as built in chilled water added to one of our freestanding coffee machines.

Site Specific



Combine the best of snacks, hot drinks and fresh food with a micromarket at your business. An open, unattended store in your workplace where your staff can purchase a wide selection of meals, snacks plus hot & cold beverages. Your staff don't even have to have their wallet on them too with finger print payments as well as integration with any existing key fob system at your workplace



Looking to enhance the most out your vending options? Check out our wide range of accessories from payment systems all the way to soup & cold water options in coffee machines.

Site Specific

We can even integrate your current payment & door access systems to access products from our machines & micromarkets.

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